Why I Love Sports Photography

This is why I love photography, especially sports photography; the ability to capture a moment, a moment whose details are forever lost, but with the press of a button are captured and reviewable for all time to come (except for a zombie apocalypse). In this photo, Jonathan Holmes of Texas shoots a last second shot [...]

The Roost, Austin TX

I went to The Roost via the great suggestion, and for the User Yelp Event, of my friend Tony to listen to some amazing jazz by WC Clark. Simply amazing, and in a perfect venue. It could be that we were here before the word is out but seating wasn’t difficult and even with just [...]

Amazing Sunset Photos From DKR

I went to the game last night and although we didn’t get the win, we were treated to an awe inspiring sunset. Check out these 10 amazing Instagram shots of the sunset at DKR.