Iglesia de San Lucas, Cabo San Lucas

This is the old ‘Iglesia de San Lucas’ church in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. It is one of the most widely visited churches in Cabo and was constructed in 1730. I got a glimpse of it on one of our City tours and went back to visit it the next day. It has mostly remained unchanged over the years but has undergone some expansions to allow for larger gatherings. It is really a hidden gem in the middle of the city.

Iglesia de San Lucas, Cabo San Lucas

Author: AustinPixels

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  1. The subject is fully clear but why does the text lack clarity? But in general your blog is great.

  2. I went back and looked and the shot was @ f/6.3, so not the best depth of field. I suspect I focused on the center of the frame which is about 15 feet behind the letters and that led to the text not being clear. If only I would have had more time and a tripod :-)

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