Leslie Cochran

One of the most most recognizable people in Austin Leslie Chocran has placed himself in the middle of the Austin landscape while leading the charge in the Keep Austin Weird culture. Leslie usually gets a double take from everyone who passes him. That could be on 6th street, Austin City Limits or in the Driskill hotel. From a cheerleader outfit to nothing but a thong and a hat you never know what you will get.

Leslie Cochran


I admit, I have grown fond of Leslie and his cross dressing fashion show. I still chuckle whenever I see him around town and love to watch the drop jaw reactions of people who have never had the pleasure.

Yes, I even have his dress up magnets on my refrigerator; it is hours of entertainment for the kiddos and out of town guests. It is reported that he gets 50% of the profits from those.

At 60 years old now he dosen’t seem to have lost any of his enthusiasm as you see him around town. I have crossed paths with him many times and every time he is having fun with everyone around him.

Lesliee Tail

In 2009 Leslie found himself in the hospital for a few weeks after being found unconscious around Oltorf Street. This goes to show that although many people view him as somewhat celebrity like for the most part he is a man that lives on the streets and is susceptible to all the dangers that brings. He has been jailed for things from camping and urinating in public to harassment.

Sure, you can probably find more negatives things like that about Leslie, but hell, I have a list of my own… At the end of the day Leslie adds a colorful twist to Austin’s culture. I might not vote for him in a mayoral election but he gets my vote Austin’s most unique person.

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