Some Pictures Just Happen

Some pictures just happen, like this one. I am a huge fan of, and my wife can attest to, taking my camera EVERYWHERE. Over the past year it has become a permanent accessory of my right shoulder.

We were circling the airport waiting for an out of town guest to land and decided to pull off to a side road and ran across this field of longhorns. With nowhere to park on a four lane road I threw on the flashers and popped of about 30 shots in 90 seconds and we were on our way. This young guy was more than happy to give me a close up as if the camera was an offering of fresh grass that I was giving.

So the next time you are leaving the house and you are deciding if you should take your camera, do it, you never know what you will see.

Author: AustinPixels

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  1. This guy looks sweet as ever, even with those big ol’ long horns! Great snap!



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