The Best Wurst Permit Renewal

In case you have not heard The Best Wurst who has operated at the corner of San Jacinto and 6th street since 1993 is in jeopardy of losing their permit to operate in that location due to the desire of Parkside restaurant to occupy the area. Not quite a David versus Goliath but it is clear bullying by a restaurant thinking they can just overpower a little hot dog stand.

What Parkside forgot to consider is the opinions of the people of Austin. We are not the type to sit by idly and watch something that we don’t consider right just happen. Just like UT’s attempt to close the doors of The Cactus Cafe we don’t take kindly to people trying to take away what we consider threads in the fabric of what makes Austin different than any other place in the world.

It is probably no secret what my opinion is on the matter but it is the voices of many that can make a difference in the decisions that the people of power make. Below is a list of city officials who have the ability to weigh in on the final decision and their email addresses. I have created a link that will populate an email into your default email client along with the email that I sent them (feel free to use). I have also provided the text to paste in a web client.

Click here to email the city members

Or copy and paste:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Dear City of Austin Decision Makers,

I am writing you concerning the permit situation involving The Best Wurst and Parkside restaurant. I have watched as this situation has unfolded over the past few weeks and I know that the final decision will be one that you hand down. I am sharing my opinion with you not in haste, but with time given to try and understand each parties view through TV news coverage, social media, newspaper and radio interviews.

After considering everything from the business owner’s perspective along with my personal feelings I would like to respectfully urge you to allow The Best Wurst to continue to operate in it’s current location. I believe this will be best for the 6th street area and those who visit it. I know my opinion is only one in a myriad of considerations that will weigh into the final decision but I hope that you listen to the members of the community who I believe largely share my opinion.


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