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Water 2 Wine has taken your normal wine drinking experience and given it a unique spin by providing you the keys to the winery and letting you become the vintner. You make your own batch of wine, create custom labels, bottle it, and best of all, taste the fruits of your labor. By having you do this work on site they are able circumvent certain regulations resulting in less sulfites and other chemicals than store bought wines.

I have been visiting Water 2 Wine for about five years and actually created a batch with my wife and we gave the custom bottles of wine away as gifts at our wedding. The gifts were a hit.

Water 2 Wine imports their grapes and juices from other vineyards. This is not uncommon for vineyards in Texas as most don’t grow enough grapes, if any, to meet their own demand. When you decide to make a batch this is where you will start. You will mix the juice, and depending on the type of wine you are making will add flavors like oak.

After you make the wine it will go in the back room for fermentation where the staff will guide the wine along over the next six to eight weeks changing containers around six times.

About two months later you will come back and bottle your wine. You add your label, fill the bottle, cork it and shrink wrap foil around the top. Like a good chef test tasting food a lot of quality assurance goes on during this process. This is a perfect event to bring along a group of friends. Hopefully you end up bottling more wine than you drink.

You don’t have to make wine. Water 2 Wine is also a spacious wine bar, with a large selection of wine, where you can stop in just to drink some wine. All of the wine is made on site by the employees. They don’t sell food but you are welcome to bring in food to eat with your wine. There are plenty of tasting options or you can buy by the glass or bottle. The staff is very friendly and have been one of my favorite aspects of every visit.

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