A Day Trip With The Daytripper

To promote a recent pledge drive the awesome people of KLRU came up with a great promotion. A day trip with Chet Garner of the TV show The Daytripper from Austin to three awesome barbecue joints in Lockhart and Luling which was dubbed “The Meat Up”.

Meeting outside the studios we loaded into two tour buses and headed towards Lockhart for our first stop of the day, Black’s Barbecue.

Before we departed Chet stopped by to say good morning and hello to everyone.

Even with around 100 people showing up all at once the folks at Black’s were amazingly kind and gracious, even allowing for pit tours for anyone who wanted a peek behind the scenes to see where the magic happens.

Black’s is the oldest barbecue restaurant continuously owned by the same family, every since 1932!

With some great Black’s meat in our stomach it was time to saddle up and head down the road to the Luling City Market.

After being treated to some more great Q, the “all aboard the meat train” signal was sounded. It was time to head back to Lockhart for our final stop of the day, Smitty’s Market.

You can’t help but feel some nostalgia as you are here. The walls are stained with years upon years of barbecue smoke. You can just tell that most of what you see around you is just as it was when it was the Kreuz Market 50 years ago.

My lovely wife Amy, and I.

You’ve got to have a lot of wood to keep those pits going.

Author: AustinPixels

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