The Roost, Austin TX

I went to The Roost via the great suggestion, and for the User Yelp Event, of my friend Tony to listen to some amazing jazz by WC Clark. Simply amazing, and in a perfect venue. It could be that we were here before the word is out but seating wasn’t difficult and even with just one bar of three open, getting a drink was extremely fast.

We had to hit the road before the second band came on but with the happy hour priced drinks (and drinkable wine) we will be back here for sure, especially on Monday, to enjoy some great music.

The Roost, Austin TX

This is the furthest seating from the stage but still a good view and with perfect sound. There isn’t a seat in the house doesn’t seem intimate.

The Roost, Austin TX

The amazing WC Clark.

The Roost, Austin TX

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  1. Does everyone get to remain in their seats? Or on the weekends does it get SRO? Is smoking allowed? Or is this more like a restaurant venue? Sure would be nice to have a place to go where you can hear great bands but not fight trying to see and battle smokers–

  2. Hey Jwright, when I went it wasn’t too crowded but there were people standing around the bar but they wouldn’t impede your view of the stage if you were sitting. There was no smoking allowed inside.

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