INE Routing and Switching Bootcamp Confirmed

I received confirmation this week that the location for the March Routing and Switching bootcamp in Orlando was set so I finally booked my accommodations. I opted not to rent a car since the airport is only about 20 minutes away and it’s a learning trip not a sight seeing trip. Although, my wife will fly in during the weekend in between the two weeks. After a week of 10 – 12 hour brain bombardment that will likely be a much needed break.

When I was booking the class I was certain that I wanted Brian McGahan to teach my class. I’ve listened to him on the AoD, Advanced Technologies classes and numerous other on-demand classes. When I was told that he really didn’t teach classes anymore and is focused on the self study material I was a bit taken back. Since I’ve been studying R&S Brian has been the face and voice of my studies. At first I was disappointed because I went from knowing what to expect to not knowing what to expect with someone I’ve never heard of. Dave Smith is going to be teaching and after a few Google searches and reading experiences from past attendees I’m excited and realize after 100+ hours of watching Brian, and probably 100’s more to come, it’s going to be good to learn another expert’s methods.

Yesterday I just clocked 200 hours studying for the R&S CCIE. If I’m honest with myself I’ll need to get to at least the 1,000 hour range to pass. I passed the voice with about 400 hours, but then (and now) my daily job is all voice. Before last week I’ve never even scratched the surface of a MPLS L3 VPN. When we have a data issue we kick it over the fence and when they have a voice issue they kick it over to us. When possible I’ll need hold on to data issues and seek some of those cases out.

The Halloween discount was the big factor that finally got my work to approve me going to the class. My biggest concern with this class is that I’m attending at a suboptimal time in my studies. Everything I read said take this class about a month out. When I attend this class I’ll probably be 5 months out from a lab date with intense study. Not only do I not want to look silly in the class and be in over my head, I want to be able to absorb the maximum amount of knowledge. If I’m hearing something for the first time it’s unlikely I’ll be able to take in all the advanced knowledge I need. That said, I have 51 days until the class. All of the planned 20 or more hours of study per week that I’ve been coming up short of has to end. Progress not perfection.

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  1. if it’s your priority, it will happen. Keep on Keepin’ On!

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