Hi, I’m Jesse Drohen and thank you for stopping by!

I created austinpixels.com as a way to share images of places that I have been and what I thought about the experience. There are plenty of websites on the internet to read reviews but most of them left me with an incomplete feeling of not knowing what the place looked like or the mood and vibe that you can infer from a picture.

During high school and my early twenties I was very into SLR and film photography but over the years my camera found itself left behind more and more until I finally sold all of my equipment. A few years ago that creative voice deep inside me started to become more vocal for a share of my time until I was once again obsessed with photography.

I’m a network engineer by day so I find the nuts and bolts of what makes a picture work intriguing. How the strength of the light, the speed of the shutter, the geometry of the subjects and the hundred other considerations work together to make a great picture.

I have been a resident of Texas for 22 years and lived in Austin for the last 10.

I don’t have a product or price sheet but am available to hire, or trade, for almost any photographic service you might want. From food to interior exterior shots and everything in between I would love the opportunity to capture that special place or moment for you.

Thank you again for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the site.


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